Seyi Oluwaleimu


Back on track


Today was really good! The work homies did a boba run over lunch which was dope, I met up with a friend for coffee in the afternoon, and I got a lot of progress done on canoodle! I think I'm gonna meet my time frame goal for this project which feels good. 

I talked about this the other day, but I think that something really important to realize about goal setting is that, if you set the desired date, that should not shift, the only thing that should be able to change is the "definition of done." I think I'm gonna write about this.

I've been a little manic about coming up with a startup idea tbh looool. I know that canoodle isn't going to be a cash cow for many reasons, so I've been feeling a little like I am wasting time by working on it. The thing I need to remember is that I am not working on canoodle for the purpose of making money; it'll serve as a great portfolio piece, it'll give me the chance to iterate toward something better, it's keeping my development skills sharp, and it's solving a real problem that I have. I am rereading the mom test though; I know that the stuff in that book is the key to iterating toward a better idea so I am trying to put those skills to work when I meet people. I also want to put together a cohort of indie hackers in the bay area who want to work on projects together. I should prioritize that tomorrow!