Seyi Oluwaleimu


My first contribution!


I made my first contribution to the Trello codebase today! Yesterday I was asking my work mentor a whole bunch of questions and he gave me a really good piece of advice: I should message publicly in our team chat instead of going to him in private. Being ok with not knowing is really important, especially in engineering. Additionally, things that I learn may be useful for other people on the team. I think that, in comparison to when I was an intern last year, I am much better about giving feedback and my opinion; I hope that things keep going as well as they are at work!

I am rereading "the art of gathering" and have been taking notes about my insights. I am pretty excited to put the lessons that I am learning about creating meaningful social interactions to work. Also, the last time I read this book I did not intentionally interface with the content as much as I am doing now; I feel like I am taking away a lot more through actually doing something with the knowledge that I am intaking rather than just learning it and storing it in the recesses of my mind. 

Great day!