Seyi Oluwaleimu


Starting the week off strong


This weekend kinda sucked so I fell off journaling for a few days. I'm realizing more and more that my main issues in life boil down to a lack of sleep; I need to get a handle on going to bed on time. 

Today was pretty good, I made great progress at work today, grinded on canoodle a bit, and bonded with my roomies. I think I need to learn to set boundaries with people more, I give in much too easily when someone interrupts something important that I'm doing. 

Something that I need to make time for this week is writing out an articulated guide to what I value most and what sacrifices I'm willing to make to withhold those values. Too much has begun to just float around in my head with regard to this, so I need to make time to deal with it this week.

I got boba with one of our neighbors recently. I really enjoy one on one hangouts with people; they feel like the fastest route to making new friends. 

Let's hope this week is just up from here :)